spinn_front_end_common.utilities.notification_protocol package

Module contents

class spinn_front_end_common.utilities.notification_protocol.NotificationProtocol(socket_addresses)[source]

Bases: spinn_utilities.abstract_context_manager.AbstractContextManager

The protocol which hand shakes with external devices about the database and starting execution

Parameters:socket_addresses (set(SocketAddress)) – Where to notify.

Closes the thread pool


Sends notifications to all devices which have expressed an interest in when the database has been written

Parameters:database_path (str) – the path to the database file

Either waits till all sources have confirmed read the database and are configured, and/or just sends the start notification (when the system is executing)

Return type:None

Sends the pause / stop notifications when the script has either finished or paused

Return type:None

Whether the external application has actually been notified yet.

Return type:bool

If asked to wait for confirmation, waits for all external systems to confirm that they are configured and have read the database

Return type:None