spinn_front_end_common.abstract_models.impl package

Module contents

class spinn_front_end_common.abstract_models.impl.MachineAllocationController(thread_name)[source]

Bases: spinn_front_end_common.abstract_models.abstract_machine_allocation_controller.AbstractMachineAllocationController

How to manage the allocation of a machine so that it gets cleaned up neatly when the script dies.

Parameters:thread_name (str) –

Indicate that the use of the machine is complete.

class spinn_front_end_common.abstract_models.impl.MachineDataSpecableVertex[source]

Bases: spinn_front_end_common.abstract_models.abstract_generates_data_specification.AbstractGeneratesDataSpecification

Support for a vertex that simplifies generating a data specification.

generate_data_specification(spec, placement, machine_graph, routing_info, tags)[source]

Generate a data specification.

Return type:


generate_machine_data_specification(spec, placement, machine_graph, routing_info, iptags, reverse_iptags)[source]
  • spec (DataSpecificationGenerator) – The data specification to write into.
  • placement (Placement) – Where this node is on the SpiNNaker machine.
  • machine_graph (MachineGraph) – The graph containing this node.
  • routing_info (RoutingInfo) – The routing info.
  • iptags (iterable(IPTag) or None) – The (forward) IP tags for the vertex, if any
  • reverse_iptags (iterable(ReverseIPTag) or None) – The reverse IP tags for the vertex, if any
Return type:


class spinn_front_end_common.abstract_models.impl.ProvidesKeyToAtomMappingImpl[source]

Bases: spinn_front_end_common.abstract_models.abstract_provides_key_to_atom_mapping.AbstractProvidesKeyToAtomMapping

routing_key_partition_atom_mapping(routing_info, partition)[source]

Returns a list of atom to key mapping.

  • routing_info (RoutingInfo) – the routing info object to consider
  • partition (OutgoingEdgePartition) – the routing partition to handle.

a iterable of tuples of atom IDs to keys.

Return type:


class spinn_front_end_common.abstract_models.impl.TDMAAwareApplicationVertex(label, constraints, max_atoms_per_core, splitter=None)[source]

Bases: pacman.model.graphs.application.application_vertex.ApplicationVertex

An application vertex that contains the code for using TDMA to spread packet transmission to try to avoid overloading any SpiNNaker routers.

  • label (str or None) – The name of the vertex.
  • constraints (iterable(AbstractConstraint) or None) – The initial constraints of the vertex.
  • max_atoms_per_core (int) – The max number of atoms that can be placed on a core, used in partitioning.

PacmanInvalidParameterException – If one of the constraints is not valid

find_n_phases_for(machine_graph, n_keys_map)[source]

Compute the number of phases needed for this application vertex. This is the maximum number of packets any machine vertex created by this application vertex can send in one simulation time step.

Return type:



Generates the TDMA configuration data needed for the data spec

Parameters:vertex_index (int) – the machine vertex index in the pop
Returns:array of data to write.
Return type:list(int)

Get the number of cores this application vertex is using in the TDMA.

Returns:the number of cores to use in the TDMA
Return type:int
get_tdma_provenance_item(x, y, p, desc_label, tdma_slots_missed)[source]

Get the provenance item used for the TDMA provenance

  • x (int) – x coordinate of the chip where this core
  • y (int) – y coordinate of the core where this core
  • p (int) – virtual id of the core
  • desc_label (str) – a descriptive label for the vertex
  • tdma_slots_missed (int) – the number of TDMA slots missed

Sets the initial offset

Parameters:new_value (int) – the new initial offset, in clock ticks
set_other_timings(clocks_between_cores, n_slots, clocks_between_spikes, n_phases, clocks_per_cycle)[source]

Sets the other timings needed for the TDMA.

  • clocks_between_cores (int) – clock cycles between cores
  • n_slots (int) – the number of slots
  • clocks_between_spikes (int) – the clock cycles to wait between spikes
  • n_phases (int) – the number of phases
  • clocks_per_cycle (int) – the number of clock cycles per TDMA cycle

The number of bytes needed by the TDMA data

Return type:int