Source code for spinnman.model.cpu_info

# Copyright (c) 2017-2019 The University of Manchester
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program.  If not, see <>.

import struct
from spinnman.model.enums import CPUState, RunTimeError, MailboxCommand


_INFO_PATTERN = struct.Struct("< 32s 3I 2B 2B 2I 2B H 3I 16s 2I 16x 4I")

[docs]class CPUInfo(object): """ Represents information about the state of a CPU. """ __slots__ = [ "_application_id", "_application_mailbox_command", "_application_mailbox_data_address", "_application_name", "_iobuf_address", "_link_register", "_monitor_mailbox_command", "_monitor_mailbox_data_address", "_physical_cpu_id", "_processor_state_register", "_registers", "_run_time_error", "_software_error_count", "_software_source_filename_address", "_software_source_line_number", "_software_version", "_stack_pointer", "_state", "_time", "_user", "_x", "_y", "_p"] def __init__(self, x, y, p, cpu_data, offset): """ :param int x: The x-coordinate of a chip :param int y: The y-coordinate of a chip :param int p: The ID of a core on the chip :param bytes cpu_data: A bytestring received from SDRAM on the board :param int offset: """ # pylint: disable=too-many-arguments self._x = x self._y = y self._p = p (registers, # 32s 0 self._processor_state_register, self._stack_pointer, self._link_register, # 3I 32 run_time_error, self._physical_cpu_id, # 2B 44 state, self._application_id, # 2B 46 self._application_mailbox_data_address, self._monitor_mailbox_data_address, # 2I 48 application_mailbox_command, monitor_mailbox_command, # 2B 56 self._software_error_count, # H 58 self._software_source_filename_address, self._software_source_line_number, self._time, # 3I 60 self._application_name, # 16s 72 self._iobuf_address, self._software_version, # 2I 88 # skipped # 16x 96 user0, user1, user2, user3 # 4I 112 ) = _INFO_PATTERN.unpack_from(cpu_data, offset) index = self._application_name.find(b'\0') if index != -1: self._application_name = self._application_name[0:index] self._application_name = self._application_name.decode('ascii') self._registers = _REGISTERS_PATTERN.unpack_from(registers) self._run_time_error = RunTimeError(run_time_error) self._state = CPUState(state) self._application_mailbox_command = MailboxCommand( application_mailbox_command) self._monitor_mailbox_command = MailboxCommand( monitor_mailbox_command) self._user = [user0, user1, user2, user3] @property def x(self): """ The x-coordinate of the chip containing the core. :return: The x-coordinate of the chip :rtype: int """ return self._x @property def y(self): """ The y-coordinate of the chip containing the core. :return: The y-coordinate of the chip :rtype: int """ return self._y @property def p(self): """ The ID of the core on the chip. :return: The ID of the core :rtype: int """ return self._p @property def state(self): """ The current state of the core. :return: The state of the core :rtype: CPUState """ return self._state @property def physical_cpu_id(self): """ The physical ID of this processor. :return: The physical ID of the processor :rtype: int """ return self._physical_cpu_id @property def application_name(self): """ The name of the application running on the core. :return: The name of the application :rtype: str """ return self._application_name @property def application_id(self): """ The ID of the application running on the core. :return: The ID of the application :rtype: int """ return self._application_id @property def time(self): """ The time at which the application started. :return: The time in seconds since 00:00:00 on the 1st January 1970 :rtype: int """ return self._time @property def run_time_error(self): """ The reason for a run time error. :return: The run time error :rtype: RunTimeError """ return self._run_time_error @property def application_mailbox_command(self): """ The command currently in the mailbox being sent from the monitor\ processor to the application. :return: The command :rtype: MailboxCommand """ return self._application_mailbox_command @property def application_mailbox_data_address(self): """ The address of the data in SDRAM for the application mailbox. :return: The address of the data :rtype: int """ return self._application_mailbox_data_address @property def monitor_mailbox_command(self): """ The command currently in the mailbox being sent from the\ application to the monitor processor. :return: The command :rtype: MailboxCommand """ return self._monitor_mailbox_command @property def monitor_mailbox_data_address(self): """ The address of the data in SDRAM of the monitor mailbox. :return: The address of the data :rtype: int """ return self._monitor_mailbox_data_address @property def software_error_count(self): """ The number of software errors counted. :return: The number of software errors :rtype: int """ return self._software_error_count @property def software_source_filename_address(self): """ The address of the filename of the software source. :return: The filename :rtype: str """ return self._software_source_filename_address @property def software_source_line_number(self): """ The line number of the software source. :return: The line number :rtype: int """ return self._software_source_line_number @property def processor_state_register(self): """ The value in the processor state register (PSR). :return: The PSR value :rtype: int """ return self._processor_state_register @property def stack_pointer(self): """ The current stack pointer value (SP). :return: The SP value :rtype: int """ return self._stack_pointer @property def link_register(self): """ The current link register value (LR). :return: The LR value :rtype: int """ return self._link_register @property def registers(self): """ The current register values (r0 - r7). :return: An array of 8 values, one for each register :rtype: list(int) """ return self._registers @property def user(self): """ The current user values (user0 - user3). :return: An array of 4 values, one for each user value :rtype: list(int) """ return self._user @property def iobuf_address(self): """ The address of the IOBUF buffer in SDRAM. :return: The address :rtype: int """ return self._iobuf_address @property def software_version(self): """ The software version. :return: The software version :rtype: int """ return self._software_version def __str__(self): return "{}:{}:{:02n} {:18} {:16s} {:3n}".format( self.x, self.y, self.p,, self._application_name, self._application_id)