Source code for spinnman.model.chip_info

# Copyright (c) 2017-2019 The University of Manchester
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program.  If not, see <>.

import struct
from spinnman.messages.spinnaker_boot import SystemVariableDefinition

[docs]class ChipInfo(object): """ Represents the system variables for a chip, received from the chip\ SDRAM """ __slots__ = [ "_ip_address", "_led_flash_period_ms", "_leds", "_links_available", "_offset", "_physical_to_virtual_core_map", "_status_map", "_system_data", "_virtual_core_ids", "_virtual_to_physical_core_map"] def __init__(self, system_data, offset): """ :param bytes system_data: An bytestring retrieved from SDRAM on the board :param int offset: The offset into the bytestring where the actual data starts :raise SpinnmanInvalidParameterException: If the data doesn't contain valid system data information """ self._system_data = system_data self._offset = offset links_available = self._read_value("links_available") self._links_available = list() for i in range(0, 6): if ((links_available >> i) & 0x1) != 0: self._links_available.append(i) self._led_flash_period_ms = self._read_value( "led_half_period_10_ms") * 10 self._leds = [self._read_value("led_0"), self._read_value("led_1")] self._status_map = bytearray(self._read_value("status_map")) self._physical_to_virtual_core_map = bytearray( self._read_value("physical_to_virtual_core_map")) self._virtual_to_physical_core_map = bytearray( self._read_value("virtual_to_physical_core_map")) self._virtual_core_ids = list() for physical_core_id in range( 0, len(self._physical_to_virtual_core_map)): virtual_core_id = self._physical_to_virtual_core_map[ physical_core_id] if virtual_core_id != 0xFF: self._virtual_core_ids.append(virtual_core_id) self._virtual_core_ids.sort() ip = bytearray(self._read_value("ethernet_ip_address")) self._ip_address = "{}.{}.{}.{}".format(ip[0], ip[1], ip[2], ip[3]) if self._ip_address == "": self._ip_address = None def _read_value(self, item): item_def = SystemVariableDefinition[item] code = item_def.data_type.struct_code if item_def.array_size is not None: code = "{}{}".format(item_def.array_size, code) values = struct.unpack_from( code, self._system_data, self._offset + item_def.offset) return values[0] def __getattr__(self, item): return self._read_value(item) @property def x(self): """ The x-coordinate of the chip :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("x") @property def y(self): """ The y-coordinate of the chip :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("y") @property def x_size(self): """ The number of chips in the x-dimension :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("x_size") @property def y_size(self): """ The number of chips in the y-dimension :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("y_size") @property def nearest_ethernet_x(self): """ The x-coordinate of the nearest chip with Ethernet :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("nearest_ethernet_x") @property def nearest_ethernet_y(self): """ The y-coordinate of the nearest chip with Ethernet :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("nearest_ethernet_y") @property def is_ethernet_available(self): """ True if the Ethernet is running on this chip, False otherwise :rtype: bool """ return self._read_value("is_ethernet_available") == 1 @property def links_available(self): """ The links that are available on the chip :rtype: iterable(int) """ return self._links_available @property def cpu_clock_mhz(self): """ The speed of the CPU clock in MHz :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("cpu_clock_mhz") @property def physical_to_virtual_core_map(self): """ The physical core ID to virtual core ID map; entries with a value\ of 0xFF are non-operational cores :rtype: bytearray """ return self._physical_to_virtual_core_map @property def virtual_core_ids(self): """ A list of available cores by virtual core ID (including the\ monitor) :rtype: iterable(int) """ return self._virtual_core_ids @property def sdram_base_address(self): """ The base address of the user region of SDRAM on the chip :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("sdram_base_address") @property def system_sdram_base_address(self): """ The base address of the System SDRAM region on the chip :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("system_sdram_base_address") @property def cpu_information_base_address(self): """ The base address of the CPU information structure :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("cpu_information_base_address") @property def first_free_router_entry(self): """ The ID of the first free routing entry on the chip :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("first_free_router_entry") @property def ip_address(self): """ The IP address of the chip, or None if no Ethernet :rtype: str """ return self._ip_address @property def iobuf_size(self): """ The size of the iobuf buffers in bytes :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("iobuf_size")
[docs] def router_table_copy_address(self): """ The address of the copy of the router table :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("router_table_copy_address")
@property def system_ram_heap_address(self): """ The address of the base of the heap in system RAM :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("system_ram_heap_address") @property def sdram_heap_address(self): """ The address of the base of the heap in SDRAM :rtype: int """ return self._read_value("sdram_heap_address")