Source code for pacman.utilities.algorithm_utilities.routing_info_allocator_utilities

# Copyright (c) 2017-2019 The University of Manchester
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program.  If not, see <>.

from collections import OrderedDict
import logging
from spinn_utilities.log import FormatAdapter
from spinn_utilities.ordered_set import OrderedSet
from pacman.model.constraints.key_allocator_constraints import (
    ContiguousKeyRangeContraint, FixedMaskConstraint,
    FixedKeyAndMaskConstraint, ShareKeyConstraint)
from pacman.model.graphs.common import EdgeTrafficType
from pacman.utilities.utility_calls import locate_constraints_of_type
from pacman.exceptions import (
    PacmanValueError, PacmanConfigurationException,
    PacmanInvalidParameterException, PacmanRouteInfoAllocationException)

logger = FormatAdapter(logging.getLogger(__name__))

[docs]class ConstraintGroup(list): """ A list of edges that share a constraint. """ def __init__(self, values): """ :param iterable(AbstractSingleSourcePartition) values: """ super().__init__(values) self._constraint = None self._n_keys = None @property def constraint(self): """ The shared constraint. :rtype: AbstractConstraint """ return self._constraint def _set_constraint(self, constraint): self._constraint = constraint def __hash__(self): return id(self).__hash__() def __eq__(self, other): return id(other) == id(self) def __ne__(self, other): return id(other) != id(self)
_ALL_FIXED_TYPES = ( FixedKeyAndMaskConstraint, FixedMaskConstraint, FixedKeyFieldConstraint)
[docs]def get_mulitcast_edge_groups(machine_graph): """ Utility method to get groups of multicast edges using any\ :py:class:`KeyAllocatorSameKeyConstraint` constraints. Note that no\ checking is done here about conflicts related to other constraints. :param MachineGraph machine_graph: the machine graph :return: (fixed key groups, shared key groups, fixed mask groups, fixed field groups, continuous groups, noncontinuous groups) :rtype: tuple(list(ConstraintGroup), list(ConstraintGroup), list(ConstraintGroup), list(ConstraintGroup), list(ConstraintGroup), list(ConstraintGroup)) """ # mapping between partition and shared key group it is in partition_groups = OrderedDict() # process each partition one by one in a bubble sort kinda way for vertex in machine_graph.vertices: for partition in machine_graph.\ get_multicast_edge_partitions_starting_at_vertex(vertex): # Get a set of partitions that should be grouped together shared_key_constraints = locate_constraints_of_type( partition.constraints, ShareKeyConstraint) partitions_to_group = [partition] for constraint in shared_key_constraints: partitions_to_group.extend(constraint.other_partitions) # Get a set of groups that should be grouped groups_to_group = [ partition_groups.get(part_to_group, [part_to_group]) for part_to_group in partitions_to_group] # Group the groups new_group = ConstraintGroup( part for group in groups_to_group for part in group) partition_groups.update( {part: new_group for part in new_group}) # Keep track of groups fixed_key_groups = list() shared_key_groups = list() fixed_mask_groups = list() fixed_field_groups = list() continuous_groups = list() noncontinuous_groups = list() groups_by_type = { FixedKeyAndMaskConstraint: fixed_key_groups, FixedMaskConstraint: fixed_mask_groups, FixedKeyFieldConstraint: fixed_field_groups, } groups = OrderedSet(partition_groups.values()) for group in groups: # Get all expected constraints in the group constraints = [ constraint for partition in group for constraint in locate_constraints_of_type( partition.constraints, _ALL_FIXED_TYPES)] # Check that the possibly conflicting constraints are equal if constraints and not all( constraint_a == constraint_b for constraint_a in constraints for constraint_b in constraints): raise PacmanRouteInfoAllocationException( "The group of partitions {} have conflicting constraints" .format(constraints)) # If constraints found, put the group in the appropriate constraint # group if constraints: group._set_constraint(constraints[0]) constraint_type = type(constraints[0]) groups_by_type[constraint_type].append(group) # If no constraints, must be one of the non-specific groups # If the group has only one item, it is not shared elif len(group) == 1: continuous_constraints = ( constraint for partition in group for constraint in locate_constraints_of_type( constraints, ContiguousKeyRangeContraint)) if any(continuous_constraints): continuous_groups.append(group) else: noncontinuous_groups.append(group) # If the group has more than one partition, it must be shared else: shared_key_groups.append(group) # return the set of groups return (fixed_key_groups, shared_key_groups, fixed_mask_groups, fixed_field_groups, continuous_groups, noncontinuous_groups)
[docs]def check_types_of_edge_constraint(machine_graph): """ Go through the graph for operations and checks that the constraints\ are compatible. :param MachineGraph machine_graph: the graph to search through :raises PacmanConfigurationException: if a problem is found """ for partition in machine_graph.outgoing_edge_partitions: if partition.traffic_type != EdgeTrafficType.MULTICAST: continue fixed_key = locate_constraints_of_type( partition.constraints, FixedKeyAndMaskConstraint) fixed_mask = locate_constraints_of_type( partition.constraints, FixedMaskConstraint) fixed_field = locate_constraints_of_type( partition.constraints, FixedKeyFieldConstraint) if len(fixed_key) > 1 or len(fixed_field) > 1 or len(fixed_mask) > 1: raise PacmanConfigurationException( "There are multiple constraint of the same type on partition " "{} starting at {}. Please fix and try again.".format( partition.identifier, partition.pre_vertex)) fixed_key = len(fixed_key) == 1 fixed_mask = len(fixed_mask) == 1 fixed_field = len(fixed_field) == 1 # check for fixed key and a fixed mask. as these should have been # merged before now if fixed_key and fixed_mask: raise PacmanConfigurationException( "The partition {} starting at {} has a fixed key and fixed " "mask constraint. These can be merged together, but is " "deemed an error here".format( partition.identifer, partition.pre_vertex)) # check for a fixed key and fixed field, as these are incompatible if fixed_key and fixed_field: raise PacmanConfigurationException( "The partition {} starting at {} has a fixed key and fixed " "field constraint. These may be merge-able together, but is " "deemed an error here".format( partition.identifer, partition.pre_vertex)) # check that a fixed mask and fixed field have compatible masks if fixed_mask and fixed_field: _check_masks_are_correct(partition)
def _check_masks_are_correct(partition): """ Check that the masks between a fixed mask constraint and a fixed_field\ constraint. Raises error if not. :param AbstractSingleSourcePartition partition: the outgoing_edge_partition to search for these constraints :raise PacmanInvalidParameterException: if the masks are incompatible """ fixed_mask = locate_constraints_of_type( partition.constraints, FixedMaskConstraint)[0] fixed_field = locate_constraints_of_type( partition.constraints, FixedKeyFieldConstraint)[0] mask = fixed_mask.mask for field in fixed_field.fields: if field.mask & mask != field.mask: raise PacmanInvalidParameterException( "field.mask, mask", "The field mask {} is outside of the mask {}".format( field.mask, mask), "{}:{}".format(field.mask, mask)) for other_field in fixed_field.fields: if other_field != field and other_field.mask & field.mask != 0: raise PacmanInvalidParameterException( "field.mask, mask", "Field masks {} and {} overlap".format( field.mask, other_field.mask), "{}:{}".format(field.mask, mask))
[docs]def get_fixed_mask(same_key_group): """ Get a fixed mask from a group of edges if a\ :py:class:`FixedMaskConstraint`\ constraint exists in any of the edges in the group. :param iterable(MachineEdge) same_key_group: Set of edges that are to be assigned the same keys and masks :return: The fixed mask if found, or None :rtype: tuple(int or None, iterable(Field) or None) :raise PacmanValueError: If two edges conflict in their requirements """ mask = None fields = None edge_with_mask = None for edge in same_key_group: for constraint in locate_constraints_of_type( edge.constraints, FixedMaskConstraint): if mask is not None and mask != constraint.mask: raise PacmanValueError( "Two Edges {} and {} must have the same key and mask, " "but have different fixed masks, {} and {}".format( edge, edge_with_mask, mask, constraint.mask)) if (fields is not None and constraint.fields is not None and fields != constraint.fields): raise PacmanValueError( "Two Edges {} and {} must have the same key and mask, " "but have different field ranges".format( edge, edge_with_mask)) mask = constraint.mask edge_with_mask = edge if constraint.fields is not None: fields = constraint.fields return mask, fields