Source code for pacman.operations.router_compressors.abstract_compressor

# Copyright (c) 2017-2019 The University of Manchester
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program.  If not, see <>.

based on

from abc import abstractmethod
import logging
from spinn_utilities.config_holder import get_config_int
from spinn_utilities.log import FormatAdapter
from spinn_utilities.progress_bar import ProgressBar
from pacman.model.routing_tables import (
    CompressedMulticastRoutingTable, MulticastRoutingTables)
from pacman.exceptions import MinimisationFailedError

logger = FormatAdapter(logging.getLogger(__name__))

[docs]class AbstractCompressor(object): MAX_SUPPORTED_LENGTH = 1023 __slots__ = [ # String of problems detected. Must be "" to finish "_problems", # Flag to say if the results can be order dependent "_ordered", ] def __init__(self, ordered=True): self._ordered = ordered
[docs] def __call__(self, router_tables, target_length=None): """ :param MulticastRoutingTables router_tables: :param int target_length: :rtype: MulticastRoutingTables """ # create progress bar progress = ProgressBar( router_tables.routing_tables, "Compressing routing Tables using {}".format( self.__class__.__name__)) return self.compress_tables(router_tables, progress)
[docs] @staticmethod def intersect(key_a, mask_a, key_b, mask_b): """ Return if key-mask pairs intersect (i.e., would both match some of the same keys). For example, the key-mask pairs ``00XX`` and ``001X`` both match the keys ``0010`` and ``0011`` (i.e., they do intersect):: >>> intersect(0b0000, 0b1100, 0b0010, 0b1110) True But the key-mask pairs ``00XX`` and ``11XX`` do not match any of the same keys (i.e., they do not intersect):: >>> intersect(0b0000, 0b1100, 0b1100, 0b1100) False :param int key_a: The key of first key-mask pair :param int mask_a: The mask of first key-mask pair :param int key_b: The key of second key-mask pair :param int mask_b: The mask of second key-mask pair :return: True if the two key-mask pairs intersect otherwise False. :rtype: bool """ return (key_a & mask_b) == (key_b & mask_a)
[docs] def merge(self, entry1, entry2): """ Merges two entries/triples into one that covers both The assumption is that they both have the same known spinnaker_route :param ~pacman.operations.router_compressors.Entry entry1: Key, Mask, defaultable from the first entry :param ~pacman.operations.router_compressors.Entry entry2: Key, Mask, defaultable from the second entry :return: Key, Mask, defaultable from merged entry :rtype: tuple(int, int, bool) """ any_ones = entry1.key | entry2.key all_ones = entry1.key & entry2.key all_selected = entry1.mask & entry2.mask # Compute the new mask and key any_zeros = ~all_ones new_xs = any_ones ^ any_zeros mask = all_selected & new_xs # Combine existing and new Xs key = all_ones & mask return key, mask, entry1.defaultable and entry2.defaultable
[docs] @abstractmethod def compress_table(self, router_table): """ :param UnCompressedMulticastRoutingTable router_table: Original routing table for a single chip :return: Raw compressed routing table entries for the same chip :rtype: list(Entry) """
[docs] def compress_tables(self, router_tables, progress): """ Compress all the unordered routing tables Tables who start of smaller than target_length are not compressed :param MulticastRoutingTables router_tables: Routing tables :param ~spinn_utilities.progress_bar.ProgressBar progress: Progress bar to show while working :return: The compressed but still unordered routing tables :rtype: MulticastRoutingTables :raises MinimisationFailedError: on failure """ compressed_tables = MulticastRoutingTables() self._problems = "" target_length = get_config_int( "Mapping", "router_table_compression_target_length") if target_length is None: # Compress as much as possible target_length = 0 for table in progress.over(router_tables.routing_tables): if table.number_of_entries < target_length: new_table = table else: compressed_table = self.compress_table(table) new_table = CompressedMulticastRoutingTable(table.x, table.y) for entry in compressed_table: new_table.add_multicast_routing_entry( entry.to_MulticastRoutingEntry()) if new_table.number_of_entries > self.MAX_SUPPORTED_LENGTH: self._problems += "(x:{},y:{})={} ".format( new_table.x, new_table.y, new_table.number_of_entries) compressed_tables.add_routing_table(new_table) if len(self._problems) > 0: if self._ordered: raise MinimisationFailedError( "The routing table after compression will still not fit" " within the machines router: {}".format(self._problems)) else: logger.warning(self._problems) return compressed_tables
@property def ordered(self): return self._ordered