spinnaker_graph_front_end.utilities.conf package


spinnaker_graph_front_end.utilities.conf.log module

class spinnaker_graph_front_end.utilities.conf.log.ConfiguredFilter(conf)[source]

Bases: object


Get the level for the deepest parent, and filter appropriately.

class spinnaker_graph_front_end.utilities.conf.log.ConfiguredFormatter(conf)[source]

Bases: logging.Formatter

static construct_logging_parents(conf)[source]

Create a dictionary of module names and logging levels.

static deepest_parent(parents, child)[source]

Greediest match between child and parent.

static level_of_deepest_parent(parents, child)[source]

The logging level of the greediest match between child and parent.

Module contents

Import Config Files

We look for config files in a variety of locations starting with the package directory, followed by the user’s home directory and ending with the current working directory.

All config is made accessible through the global object config.